Certified Laughter Yoga Training online

We are registered trainers endorsed by Laughter Yoga International and members of the international members association for laughter yoga professionals around the world! Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Registration No : LY-0044-OK-21

All times are UK London times. We are located in London United Kingdom.

Chatting about how well the online training has been going and the start of our next intake for online laughter yoga training is in July.

Our next fully certified 16+ hour laughter yoga training program with Laughter Yoga Trainer and Laughter Ambassador Odette Kurland starts on 3rd April 2022. For full information and booking please visit https://laughteryogawellness.co.uk/laughter-yoga-training-courses-online-on-zoom/

Laughter Yoga Training Course on Zoom and in-person in London April 2022 London UK

This training is online on Zoom and finishes in London on 30th April 2022 so you only need to be in London for the final module.

Thanks to the powers of technology you can now train with us from anywhere in the world! finishing in London for the final half day module.

We have actually trained people from all over the world in-person in London prior to covid! Below are a few pics from session 1 22nd November 2020.

Additional time may be required for in-between class assignments including your new daily laughter practice! You will be connected via whatsapp for these assignments and sharing.

Experiential Module online! A LIVE Class co-lead by new online leaders with members of the public on zoom. 

Prior to covid we trained new laughter yoga leaders from around the world! including United States of America, Dubai, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and Greece to name some of the places our teachers have travelled from to train with us in person in London. Now you only need to come to London for the final module.

We have been offering a fresh approach to laughter yoga training and courses in the United Kingdom in our home city which is London. Now thanks to technology you can complete most of the training with us from the comfort of your own home. You can expect the same approach to our online training that has made our courses in such high demand in the UK.

We are affiliated to Laughter Yoga Wellness UK , the organisers of the World first Laughter Day Zoomathon in May 2020, a 16 hour marathon of laughter yoga and joyful activities for world laughter day where we had 28 laughter yoga professionals join us from around the world from 15 countries. This was a trailblazing event, the first of it’s kind! To say that we are adaptable and ready for change is an understatement which is why we will ensure that we only offer the highest quality training programs.

Contact Odette to be in the loop for the next training dates.