Laughter Yoga online on zoom

Inspired by covid-19 lockdown we have taken our laughter yoga workshops online because laughter is an incredible tool to help us during challenging times. Ever grateful to technology for allowing us to continue to deliver laughter yoga to the world! We are zoom ready with our own pro account but we are happy to use your own platform to deliver the sessions.

Our main website for in person sessions is but now thanks to tech we are happy to work with you regardless of location. We are one world!

We are highly experienced in working with all businesses from small businesses to global corporations helping to connect teams through laughter. This is helping teams to bond and connect with one another, releasing stress, lifting moods and helping everyone to feel super motivated. We find happy teams are definitely more productive. We first went online around March 2020 at the very start of lockdown! Our first client a major global corporation.

We are also running zoom classes for members of the public currently around fortnightly on a Monday evening. Book here and view our calendar of public events.

Our next laughter yoga fully certified laughter yoga leader training starts on 3rd April 2022. This special 16+hour training starts online and finishes in-person in London UK. The final module on 30th April is in London. You learn how to work online and how to work in-person.

Laughter Yoga online leader/facilitator training Schedule

For full info and to book please click

Additional time may be required for in-between class assignments including your new daily laughter practice! You will be connected via whatsapp for these assignments and sharing.

This is a fully packed schedule of around over 16 hours training including our special advanced experiential module. Contact us if you have any questions. Note it is a pre-requisite of the training that you have attended a laughter yoga class previously, either online or in person. We would expect that you already connect with and love the practice.