Laughter Yoga online on zoom

Inspired by covid-19 lockdown we have taken our laughter yoga workshops online because laughter is an incredible tool to help us during challenging times. Ever grateful to technology for allowing us to continue to deliver laughter yoga to the world! We are zoom ready with our own pro account but we are happy to use your own platform to deliver the sessions.

Our main website for in person sessions is but now thanks to tech we are happy to work with you regardless of location. We are one world!

Our website is currently being built so until then please contact us via the above website. We are very much working! with businesses from small businesses to global corporations helping to connect teams through laughter. This is helping teams to bond and connect with one another, releasing stress, lifting moods and helping everyone to feel super motivated. We find happy teams are definitely more productive.

We are also running weekly classes for members of the public.

Our next laughter yoga fully certified online laughter yoga leader training starts 11th July 2020. For full info and booking please visit our sister site

This is a fully packed schedule of around 14 hours online training including our special advanced experiential module. In full compliance with guidelines from laughter yoga international university. We do not believe that online training can fully replace in person training so there is a part 2 in person module which will train you to lead in person laughter yoga classes and gain you international certification. The online part of the course is delivered via zoom video conferencing. Contact us if you have any questions. Note it is a pre-requisite of the training that you have attended a laughter yoga class previously, either online or in person.

July 2020 fully certified online laughter yoga leader training course


Session 1 Saturday 11th July 10.00am to 1.00pm

Session 2 Saturday 18th July 10.00am to 1.00pm

Session 3 Sunday 19th July 10.00am to 1.00pm

Session 4 Saturday 25th July 10.00am to 1.00pm

Sunday 26th July

A.M Create and plan live class

3pm LIVE laughter yoga class co-lead by new online leaders for members of the public on zoom.

Note the online element of the course is recognised for insurance purposes by Holistic Insurance Services UK meaning that you can obtain insurance to practice online