Dynamic Laughter Meditation online

Excited to have our newest meditation ready on zoom with our first dynamic laughter meditation on Friday 3rd July at 7pm. This is a fusion of various influences from Odette’s well-being box of tools including therapeutic laughter, movement, breathing and more! A fabulous way to let go, release and feel FREE!

For full details and bookings please visit our sister website where we are taking bookings for Fridays class.

UK London Time 7.00pm to 7.40pm

London (United Kingdom - England) Friday, 3 July 2020, 19:00:00 BST UTC+1 hour  
New York (USA - New York)         Friday, 3 July 2020, 14:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours 
Corresponding UTC (GMT)           Friday, 3 July 2020, 18:00:00                 


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Welcome to Virtual Laughter Yoga on Zoom online with Odette

The world has changed due to covid-19 coronavirus and laughter yoga and laughter is needed more now than ever before! It is not funny times but thankfully laughter yoga does not rely on funny, comedy or humour! We laugh as an exercise and we get all the same health benefits as we would with genuine laughter but more about that on my website! For now just a little rambling about how my work has changed.

I never ever thought I would deliver my laughter yoga sessions and training via video conferencing. The thought of it sounded ridiculous and how wrong was I! There is so much we can do thanks to technology. It is not exactly the same but it is still wonderful and those I am working with are feeling the same benefits.

Without a shadow of doubt I realised that my work was crucial for so many people right now, initially thinking about my public classes and my regulars who were missing the classes and then of the corporate and business teams split up with employees working from their homes.

As I am someone who is not normally a fan of being on video! I have had to push myself out of my comfort zone and I am so thankful that I have because now I have expanded my comfort zone and I am pleased to say this is now a comfortable situation for me.

It is a scary time for many, with the extra concerns about the future, our finances, job security, health concerns and the additional strain social distancing has created including loneliness, stress and depression. Tough tough times, and not a time when laughter flows easily, yet laughter can totally help with everything, it can’t solve the situation we find ourselves in but it can help us to build up resilience during times of adversity, it can help us release stress, lift our mood and help us to feel free of our worries and concerns. When we feel more uplifted and happy, this has a ripple effect on those we are interacting with and in this situation we may be living in lock-down with! We can feel the benefits throughout the day and sometimes longer, so I am told! When we laugh together we connect and bond with those we laugh with, it is a beautiful interaction and connection all thanks to technology! In addition to these wonderful benefits, with a regular laughter practice, we can strengthen our immune system!

I believe that I have a really strong immune system thanks to how I live my life and laughter is a huge part of it.

Another thought I have had is how many people are in lockdown due to being carers, or having a disability. I have now opened my work up to those who could not ordinarily join me at a class which is awesome. I will definitely continue to offer an online class even when our lives go back to some form of normality for many of us. I have had a taste of how it is to be locked down with nowhere to go, no events to attend, no groups of like minded people to interact with and we need to open up our work to everyone wherever possible. I know many of us will have short memories as we drift back in to our old lives, I hope that is not so. For me I see this as a long term solution for many which is why I have created a brand new long term website to be fully inclusive. We are one world!

Corporate and Private

Bring your teams together with a laughter yoga workshop. I have been delivering sessions to corporate teams during lockdown and the feedback has been really positive. Get in touch for a uplifting stress-busting lockdown laughter yoga session. Contact me

Public classes

Laugh with me Saturday mornings 11am on zoom. This is currently by donation. Full info via

Laughter Yoga certified training starting soon with the equivalent of one day delivered via zoom and one day in person in London UK.

This will include my unique extra 4 hour experiential module which is mostly delivered in person in London! Contact me for info. More info about training on my main website although pop yourself on my mailing list to be in the loop for first online start dates! Mailing list